Brand New and Coming at You Baby… in 2019 :)

Brand New and Coming at You Baby… in 2019 :)

OK, I’m a little late announcing this since the news officially came out two weeks ago buuuuuttttt… HERE’S THE PUBLISHERS WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MY PICTURE BOOK WITH SHANE EVANS!!!

Copied from PW website


I totally knew that the day was coming when the word would get out and suddenly everyone who cared to know would know that I am an author, but it’s still kind of weird to think about it. Me, Breanna J. McDaniel, author. Cool but also weird.

Kinda exciting.

Again, I’m sorry for the late notice, but I’m trying to move my whole life to a different country in approximately a month and half and it’s super hard. BUT, I am definitely living the dream. Shane was the illustrator I had in mind when I was writing the text for Hands Up! and I wake up every day super grateful that he said yes to this project.

So that’s the new word on the street and now I have to go pack and get ready for the next chapter in this crazy journey called life!

Love and light,



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