Brand New and Coming at You Baby… in 2019 :)

Brand New and Coming at You Baby… in 2019 :)

OK, I’m a little late announcing this since the news officially came out two weeks ago buuuuuttttt… HERE’S THE PUBLISHERS WEEKLY ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MY PICTURE BOOK WITH SHANE EVANS!!!

Copied from PW website


I totally knew that the day was coming when the word would get out and suddenly everyone who cared to know, would know that I am an author. Breanna J. McDaniel, author. Cool but also weird.

Kinda exciting.

Again, I’m sorry for the late notice, but I’m trying to move my whole life to a different country in approximately a month and half and yo, it’s super hard. BUT, I am definitely living the dream. Shane was the illustrator I had in mind when I was writing the text for Hands Up! and I wake up every day super grateful that he said yes to this project.

So that’s the new word on the street and now I have to go pack and get ready for the next chapter in this crazy journey called life!

Love and light,



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