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“Talking it Through”

“Talking it Through”

Bring Breanna in to talk through her academic journey from her childhood in College Park, GA to a PhD at the University of Cambridge in England. She’ll break down challenges and triumphs and provide practical tips on how to thrive, not just survive, in uncomfortable or unfamiliar spaces. This conversation will motivate and move you through whatever stage of your development you’re in!

This is a great opportunity for your students, small groups or social organizations to be inspired and encouraged as Breanna shares her story and takes on any questions.

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“Build-a-Book with Bre”

“Build-a-Book with Bre”

By integrating improv comedy exercises, small group and individual writing exercises, Breanna will take you on a journey to build-a-book!

Improv will highlight and improve presentation skills while also helping to encourage students to find alternative ways to generate story ideas. Each workshop session will begin with a unique prompt created by the students during improv warm ups and students will use those prompts to write and share their stories with the class. Target Demographic for Workshop is 3-8th graders. Curriculum can be customized for different age groups.

Breanna is CPR certified, extensively trained in various cultural competency curriculum and crisis management.

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